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Greg Rhein (Owner & Creator of Nomad Photography / Head Photographer / Photo Editor / Creative Director)

Greg is a commercial/freelance photographer based out of NYC. He has been photographing couples and shooting weddings for the past 5 years around the globe as well as other shoots that include documenting food, culture and the intertwining history that defines them both. He also specializes in event, lifestyle and product photography.

"I have this idea in my mind of where I want to go and who I want to's simultaneously extravagant and elementary. When I was younger I was blindly stubborn and believed beyond a doubt that I would never "conform" to what I perceived the world to be. Naturally, with age comes life and its ever humbling lessons. My passion for photography has translated into a balance of how I need to live and how I want to live. I document, I distort light and time.  I create memories. I like to think I make people happy..."

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Jay Amendo (Head videographer / Video Editor / Second Shooter)

Jason Amendolara is a New York based camera operator who has worked in a wide range of media including film, television, documentaries, weddings, commercials, music videos and branded content for the web. As a graduate of Emerson College's film studies program, he has been professionally shooting, editing, and producing content for over ten years. He has helped produce an EMMY award winning documentary television series, and has done camera work for projects in various locations across the country.

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Will Wedig (Second Shooter / Videographer / Creative Director / Editor)

Will is an award-winning writer, director and editor who has worked for brands such as Chevrolet, Lincoln, Jack Links, Russell, Honda and many more. Recently, Will directed 26 episodes of the live-action/animation show Team Toon, which was released on Netflix (domestic) and Kix TV and Amazon Prime (UK) in 2015

His last film, Forged, won the 2010 HBO New York Latino film Festival and was released in theaters in 2011. Daniel M. Gold of the New York Times wrote, “Mr. Wedig is sure of his material. ‘Forged’ is nasty, brutish and short, in all the best ways.”

In 2007, Will’s debut feature film, Rise of the Dead, was released through Lions Gate Entertainment. The film has been described as a "smart and original take on an equally old genre" ( and William's directing as "a breath of fresh air" (C.H.U.D.). The film also won Best Picture at the Colony Film Festival in 2006.

He is currently working on his next feature film, entitled Vivisection.To view reel, visit: