Aaron Jackson (Bali, Indonesia)

"My wife Alina and I were recently married in Bali, Indonesia in October of  2016. When we began the search for our photographer, we new it had to be someone who was not only talented, unique, and creative, but also had a a great sense of adventure. 

We approached Greg with the idea a few months before we took off to the other side of the world, from NY. While many photographers may have cringed at the thought of flying 22 hours to Bali for a job, Greg was immediately infatuated. He began researching Bali's culture and exotic locations almost immediately, and gave us plenty of recommendations.

We spent almost 2 weeks in Bali with Greg. Whether it was riding motor scooters in the jungle, hiking, fighting off bands of wild monkey's, he was committed to capturing exquisite shots in unreal locations. He was there to schedule shoots, motivated us, and ensured we were happy with the result. Also, he has a great way of discretely working while capturing his images. Sometimes we didn't even know he was there.

We could not be happier with how everything turned out, and our pictures are an everlasting reminder of love and happiness. I would recommend him to anyone."


Danielle Smith (Warwick, NY)

"Greg Rhien was probably born with a camera at the end of his arm. It was meant to be there, taking photos and cementing moments in time so they can never be forgotten. You can pick one up and try that moment on like a shirt in a drawer. That's what I've been doing since he shot my wedding. He captured all the moments I couldn't live without feeling again and that is exactly what I do whenever I look at them. Which is often. I loved my candid shots above all of his work that day. He was like a ninja. I never knew he was there snapping away and catching different expressions on faces and looks and silly little moments you'd think were I insignificant until you saw the image..."
AMAZING guy, amazing eye." 
More to come...